Newborn. What's in warm natural milk?

Child3-4 days of the birthday in place of colostrum comes warm milk. But it carries lots of benefits for a baby:Mommy's natural milk is characterized by a exceptional nutritious however opposed to artificial mixtures containing cow's natural milk, through a balanced capacity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin and minerals;In addition, a composition of fresh milk is a big supply of amino acids that is required for the rule development of a child;Throughout the feeding composition of fresh natural milk changes constantly: at a start of feeding more protein in it, in a end - the more fat.A indisputable advantage of human natural milk is a proximity of its proteins in the qualitative composition to proteins of blood serum.Breast milk contains small particles of protein albumin, which a stomach to digest a baby does not should a exceptional powers. Why, fresh milk is much easily digested and engrossed by the aging body a baby is fullness of female milk protein intake reaches 98-99%. Neither simulated mixing is not digested by a aging body kid with a like completeness. This is primarily due to the presence of the protein of cow's milk, a curd is formed in a stomach of the newborn big, coarse flakes. With such a delicate protein download a aging body will cope quite easily. Significantly variant in their composition and fat cow and human natural milk.In human natural milk contains big amounts of essence polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic). One of linoleic acid in female breast natural milk is 5-6 minutes greater than in cows. This enzyme is great for a progress of the baby.Lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids in infant nutrition may lead to a pronounced delay in bodily evolution, dryness and eczema, metabolic disorders.Valuable quality of natural milk - fat content in its big number of phospholipids that keep significant physiological significance in a life of a organism.In the gerls's natural milk contains a small capacity (1%) of a volatile fatty acids (caproic, caprylic, butter, etc.), which could get a stimulating effect on a gastrointestinal tract (compared to cow's milk contains up to 12% of these acids).Easy absorption and assimilation of fresh natural milk and is due to their content of lipase, which is directly involved in the breakdown of fat in the stomach. Cow's natural milk lipase performance is much lower, and when boiled at all destroyed.In jelly mum and contains large amounts of vitamin A, B, C, D, B1, B2, B12. It is rich in trace elements like iron, copper, zinc, which is significant for a prevention of anemia.A most great advantage of natural milk - is the presence of a large group of substances that enhance the aging body's defensive reactions. This immunoglobulin, interferon, lysozyme, lactoperoxidase, bifidogenic factor, a huge number of viable white blood cells and lactoferrin. Such substances provide immunity against newborn microbes and viruses. Thanks to them, the mom's natural milk strengthens the immune system of the child.Some advantage of lactation is that a child has mum's milk is heartwarming and sterile, and the contact with the mum gives much of good emotions as a kid, and my mom. Upon lactation betwixt the crumbs and mom set up deep spiritual connection that for many years.Easy assimilation mother's milk child - is primarily its healthy state, prevention of liver and pancreas, which are not overwhelmed by digestion of fat. In addition, cases of intolerance to warm milk is rare, but the problems associated with intolerance to cow's milk, and allergic reactions to it, are quite common. Breast-feeding and a timely introduction of complementary foods provide a healthy growth of a child.Natural feeding is great for moms: do not boil a bottles, pick up attention of the required temperature of synthetic feed, get up at night and move to breed combine. "A dairy is always with you." Very convenient to go to visit, do not have to worry around being out of that and what it may feed the baby.Subject to co-sleeping 6-7 30 days old child can own mother's natural milk, a bite at night, Mom at this time may sleep peacefully. Thus, the mother's milk is priceless.As, these benefits are only saved if a nursing mum does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, nourishes and maintains a correct method of life. That in main it is not how gravely, is not it?  Alike posts:Moms. Analyses newborn: blood, urineChildMoms. Vitamin for nursingChildTeething in childrenNewborn.

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