Baby attention. Developing auditory performance

ChildA game "Where's rings?"For this exercise needs a little bell height of 5-7 centimeter baby lies on his back. You hold a bell at arm's length (a kid should not see you) and tinkled softly. Create 2-3 "bell" and give a sound die out. A newborn listens to a sound. Ring the bell again. Earlier you call, let a sound fade away. Hold a bell complete her baby at a distance of 60-70 centimetersThen tie a bell to a line and run to the right, muffled sound. By moving a bell at a distance of 80-100 cm from a center, gently tinkling them, causing the newborn's exploratory eye movements, head turning in different directions. In a like technique, run the bell to a left.Classes are held 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days. So it is desirable to create a 7 days-long break. In a next (for TWO and 3 weeks of age) can hold classes 1-2 minutes a 7 days.A progress of a child in 2 monthsA progress of a baby in TWO weeksWhat can a newborn in TWO monthsThe development of fine motor skillsThe growth of a baby in 3 weeksA construction of a newborn in 4 weeksProgress of a baby under 1 yearCalendar of baby building   Similar posts:Monthly following birth done breast-feedingBabyBaby maintenance. Dining pregnant. Fresh-feeding. Child Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMBabyBaby care. Hardening of babiesBaby.

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