Child service. First porridge

NewbornA first cereal to be of large, non-specific protein gluten (rice, buckwheat, and later corn and millet). Complementary foods want get with monokash, ie Porridge must be prepared with only one baby of grain, and in a case can not put a mix of cereals. A first cereal to be sugar and salt, and dilute it with aqua, fresh natural milk (if the crumb is breastfed) or the normal child natural milk mix (if a baby - bottle-). Babies who are on mix feeding, porridge is also recommended to raise natural natural milk.In a first 2 or 3 times is enough to give crumbs literally one tsp. Of natural milk, which is a small cereal mix. If this product does not cause an allergic reaction, It is possible to safely increase a capacity of servings for each lure twice upon a 7 days leading up to 100 grams porridge.If porridge - the 1st product of complementary foods, one baby of cereal must be given for 10-14 hours, so do a same item with the second view, then a third, etc. If a porridge until you've tried raw vegetables, watermelon or fresh meat, in the absence of an allergy after a 7 days you can be mix with the proven porridge. Remember to keep cooked porridge may not be more than 30 minutes! Always feed your newborn with a mixing svezherazvedennoy!  Moms. Same Baby.articles:Care of a newborn. Massotherapy infantBabyBaby service. Breast-feeding. Bottle-feedingChildNewborn. Thin hair loss after giving birthdayNewborn.

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