Service of a child. Problems possible with breast-feeding

ChildEvery woman 18 years old expecting a baby, Think about it around however and what she will feed her newborn. Worldwide, doctors recommend breastfeeding, but breast-feeding demandes certain conditions:Mother should be able to reside with a child to feed him on demand;Need be fully fed;It would be fine to have a helper around the home, because pumping the remaining milk may go away a lot of time and effort;Because of Home Affairs is virtually impossible rest, which is very indispensable to nursing mums;Finally, however in the other case, you claim to desire.In words, it seems not all that strongly - any pregnant girl who wants to breastfeed, and a some reading literature on the subject, believes that she may do it. However, a number of nursing mums has not significantly increased, and a number of selling simulated mixtures is not appreciably dropped. Typically, a meal currently or pay a "natural milk", or the most stubborn mother.Lucky one who coped with the problems easily and quickly - is key to successful lactation in the months ahead. And someone did not enjoy a strength to overcome the most hard, was not given to expert advice. Time lost, and after a struggle with physical pain and guilt earlier a newborn is taken for a mom bottle. Ideally, any girl 18 years old want consult a specialist breast-feeding, which would deal with only a preparation for the coming of pregnant and fresh-feeding problems arising in the process of feeding.Every young girl is at term must be able to thoroughly express a milk is properly put baby to the natural, to know what to eat and drink and so much. It happens that even a most prepared mother has difficulty lactation. But if there are no medicinal contraindications to breastfeeding and keep a desire to nourish, any mother should keep in mind that there are no desperate situations!Only an expert can solve almost the matter that arises in the course of breast-feeding. Most importantly - do not self-medicate, and in time to see the right doctor. There was a case when a woman approached with mastitis is not a gynecologist, and a surgeon. Instead of all means to prevent the surgery, he advised the nursing mother to soar breasts in a hot bath to a boil speedily matured and could do a surgery! Luckily she realized the absurdity of a Board and in time turned to a specialist.It is frequently improperly actions, treatment and advice of a friend, grandparents, etc. Lead to problems which end cessation of breastfeeding, problems with feeding, such as lactostasis, mastitis, and in about cases surgical intervention.  Similar Care of a newborn.articles:Moms. May a nursing mother of coffeeBabyMaintenance of a baby. LactationChildLeaving of a baby. Vitamins for babiesChild.

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