Mothers. Treatment of mastitis folk remedies

BabyRecommended for the treatment of mastitisPick up vitamin complex.Attach to a sore spot a bit of Kombucha, impose on him a cotton wool or gauze over - any paper or parchment, It is possible to pharmacy. Cellophane, polyethylene - not because it hurts to enjoy to pick up a air. Procedures carried out for 5-7 hours earlier going to bed.Applied to a chest sweet leaves mother and stepmother, and leaves of burdock, previously showering them with stewing water.Attached to the fresh baked onions with honey however a compress.Attached to your warm natural milk steamed in figs.Prepare a little roll of gentle dough, mixing rye floury, melted a butter and good milk and leave it on overnight and then use to a affected space. Therapy of mastitis performed several minutes.Wipe the chest with tincture of Sophora japonica. For the production of liqueur with vodka in a 1:2 ratio of Sophora beans, brew in a dark put for 3 times, drain.Create compresses of medicine infusion of candy clover. To prepare pour 1.5 cups of stewing water? cup of grass, to insist Fifteen minutes, drain. Compresses changed every TWO hours after application compresses a chest lubricate propolis ointment.If resorption seal was not achieved, increases a deterioration of gerls, warm tenderness and increased palpable painful hard seal. At the same time there is an increase of lymph nodes in the armpits. If a seal is not absorbed, it is festering. In this case, for a medication of mastitis should consult your medical man and stop natural-feeding.MASTITIS CHESTBreast Mastitis: Prevention   Similar posts:Baby service. BreastfeedingNewbornMoms. Food allergies in babiesNewbornNewborn care. Massage for infantsChild.

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