Care of a child. The Nightmare of a beautiful mum, "Nightmare"

NewbornSeveral minutes during the night, you have up to hear however newborn is breath. Afraid to sleep in a satisfying at feeding time and crush the newborn. Happy you Think about he could fall out of a crib. In the evening - that he chokes on milk and drown... It shows the maternal instinct. Currently you are tense, however a string. Against the background of hormonal fluctuations, chief fatigue, poor emotional tone so fits of unaccountable anxiety. The main thing - relax.Know that this is the rule state for a nice mum. Later, you'll be afraid that a child will fall and will hit, then - to worry that he stays in school, after - what later came home... Remember however many times a mum told you, "I'm afraid for you." Now it's a turn to worry.  Newborn. Similar Baby.articles:Learning to speak. The evolution of lovely motor skillsChildChild leaving. May a nursing mom persimmonNewbornVitamins for babiesChild.

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