Child attention. Breast milk for a newborn: composition, fat content

ChildNATURAL MILK - best fresh food for a newborn. What is his secret?Each mother wants her child has grown the most intelligent, beautiful and healthy. Immunity and intelligence contained in every drop of breast milk. Infant formula milk is truly unique and invaluable benefits.Property and a value of breast natural milk for the childWARM MILK - best food for the newborn, not alone because it is more suited to his digestive system. It protects a baby from diseases and lays his health for your.The children on the breastfed less ofttimes suffer from rickets, anemia, goiter, pneumonia, acute respiratory and other infectious diseases. You are less likely to suffer from allergies, diarrhea, eye pain, and premature better gain mass. It is proved that breast-feeding protects a next of obesity, allergies and asthma. It includes hundreds of varied components. The composition of natural natural milk changes constantly. Colostrum is rich in protein and minerals. Mature milk contains much of protein and more fat, carbohydrates and other substances. The formula of this elixir is unique, nothing may replace it!  Newborn. Alike posts:Newborn. Gestation and hair. Thin hair loss of the giving birthChildNewborn service. Night-feedingChildBaby maintenance. Hardening of infantsChild.

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