So is rickets

NewbornTypically, at a start of the disease infants become irritable, restless, and small sleep poorly. A classic symptom of rickets is severe sweating head of the child, particularly towards the end of feeding. Babies are pale enough, eating disorders can be both overweight and a lack of a raise.Muscle tone decreases, toddlers get to lag behind their peers in the physical (and later get to sit, stand, walk), and then in the psychomotor development. Skull of a baby is a big, big fontanelle expanded its soft edges; grow frontal and parietal bumps, causing the skull on top has a area form. How for a chest, so in addition to the above-described "edge beads" in a protracted rickets may replace its configuration - a sternum protrudes forward and laterally flattened chest, a lower ribs are given out.And deformed bones of a extremities, especially thicken wrist and ankle joints. From a loading, and occasionally influenced condensed muscles, legs become O-and X-shaped. Falling tone in all groups of muscles, including the abdominal muscles - it becomes swollen, great ("frog belly"), are ofttimes observed umbilical hernia. A typical phenomenon - a constipation associated with weak muscles of the intestine. Lags as well teething (the time and procedure).Babies with severe rickets, there is enlargement of the tonsils and lymph nodes, how due to low immunity, these children ofttimes suffer from chronic infections. Lack of vitamins D violates a exchange of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium begins to actively flushed out of the bones (with urine), which are growing rapidly. However a result, you get soft and deformed, growing cartilage in the joints of a sternum to a ribs may be felt seal.Phosphorus is also excreted with the body. Its deficiency depresses the nervous and muscular systems. A baby has shortness of breath, clammy sweat, diaper rash, alopecia neck skin. This is due to a fact that a sweat irritates a skin and kid rubs the head on a pillow. Furthermore. Reduced immune system, frequent respiratory and broncho-pulmonary disease. Baby shy, moody, shudders in a dream, a dream of his short and anxious, frequently with fever.  Baby. Like posts:Mums. Newborn Development TWO monthsNewbornNight-feedingChildVitamin for kidsNewborn.

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