Child care. 9 30 days of life

NewbornYou may find that the pipsqueak entered into the age of contradictions. On the one hand, a kid in all crave adventure, crawled away with you constantly in search of new experiences, on the other - so never seen shyness, being in an unfamiliar place. This behavior is quite simple - the newborn has get more aware of themselves and the world that surrounds him.All the better to memorize what is happening, toddler begins to differentiate a new situation of a along known. At home, in familiar surroundings, he highly calmly travels around the rooms, knowing that somewhere nearby there is a mom. The kid feels at home among his: men, items, subjects. It is quite another matter - an unfamiliar rooms, a new man or new items.Even being in the placement and grandparents of familiar faces and funs, child shows significant worry. He may not relate your experiences with a fact that he yet knew, and therefore not in a position to foresee the consequences. With a fear of a baby can start to cry and even scream, but to appease a approaching his mum will be pressed how if it is threatened by some danger.  Service of a baby. Like posts:Mothers. Kids cerealsBabyMoms. Dining nursing motherBabyFall hair later childbirthBaby.

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