Baby. So a lot of kids porridge daily?

NewbornIt is serious that children receive adequate amount of cereal (corn) per time, respectively, the average daily consumption rates. So, as this volume will be distributed throughout a time, depending on a appetite of a baby's taste preferences (preferably variant).Baby 6 months - 150 grams porridge;Newborn 85 months - 180 grams;Kids 9-12 months - 200 grams;For kids 12 months and older - 200-300 grams of porridge.After a year you can give the baby cereal 1-2 minutes daily. Ever great middle ground: as would your kid or loved cereal, crackers and bread, feed it to these products, at least, is wrong.The presence of a large number of grain dietary promotes the intake of excess carbohydrates baby, which may possess effects on the body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Baby maintenance. Resembling Baby.articles:Maintenance of a baby. Child Construction 1 monthChildMums. Fresh food allergies in kidsChildNewborn care. Vitamin for infantsBaby.

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