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ChildMost babies with one - two times pick up the sling, but there are stubborn, who spend much time at my mom's hand and refuse to lie down in a sling. How dear kids require time to have used to a new. To keep the hands free, mother will take some time. 1st, hold a child, and sling snapped over (correctly, if that would do assistant, smoothing and adjusting the sling).Gradually tighten a sling tighter, and about carry a mass of the child on it, leaving about of the gravity on a hand. Then the hand may be kept outside the sling, and finally, when a baby has used, remove your hand at all. Schooling for such kids will put about the size of a 7 days. And be sure to offer each time the chest in a sling! This figure for a crumbs that all is right.If you keep older infants, they too will should to wear a sling. Babies may do or buy infants's sling, in which you will go with a doll or other fun.And a older guys can be trusted to wear a brother or sister in this sling. If the older brother or sister, 26-10 years old, and the child had turned 4 months old, the eldest baby perfectly cope with this task. Of course, Mom will oversee the process and to help accurately seat the crumbs, and wearing time should correspond to the bodily capabilities of older kids. This is particularly healthy for a girl. So became a mom, she will already know exactly however to wear a child on me.There are several types of slings. In Russia a most well-known and widely approachable - ring sling and sling - a scarf.  Like Care of a child.articles:Development of a newborn of 10 monthsChildLeaving of a child. Dining nursing mothersBabyCare of a child. Teething in infantsChild.

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