Newborn. Fresh food allergy

NewbornThe most common type of allergy - food, that is intolerant of any items. Unluckily, almost any item can provoke an allergic reaction.According to the ability to cause allergic foods are divided into three groups: high, medium and short risk. To list all a "dangerous" foods makes no sense at all of any newborn individually, including the possible causes for a negative reaction. Therefore, a basic advice to moms and dads faced with a meal allergy in the newborn, is this: Be wary of any product that the baby is trying for the 1-st time!Mums to babies with allergies demand to pick up into consideration a fact that apart with the normal allergies there are more than unpleasant its kind - cross allergy. However, intolerance to cow's milk may cause allergies for sour fluid, cottage cheese, fluid, natural butter, beef, sausages, sausages. One of the most efficient ways to treat allergies is food.Mom grudnichka in case of intolerance to cow's milk proteins child should comply nizkoallergennuyu a especial ration for a entire period of breastfeeding. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a newborn. Lure with lactose intolerance

NewbornA newborn with lactose intolerance carte to be more careful.Do not buy ready-made natural milk porridge. Make them at home or on a lower-lactose free mix.Look at a structure at the products that you are giving your newborn. You should not be serum, casein gidrolaktozy.Enter more dairy products in a regimen of the child. It will set digestion and provide him with a helf feeling.  Newborn. Alike Child maintenance.articles:Moms. Gym Ball: ExerciseNewbornChild. Читать полностью -->

Newborn care. What's in fresh natural milk?

Child3-4 hours later birthday in put of colostrum comes warm natural milk. But it carries much of benefits for the child:Mommy's natural milk is characterized by a limited nutritious however opposed to synthetic mixtures containing cow's milk, done a balanced capacity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals;In addition, the composition of fresh natural milk is a great supply of amino acids that is required for the normal development of the baby;Throughout a feeding composition of warm milk changes constantly: at the beginning of feeding more protein in it, in a end - the more fat.A indisputable advantage of human milk is a proximity of its proteins in a qualitative composition to proteins of blood serum.Warm milk contains little particles of protein albumin, which a stomach to digest a newborn does not want the limited powers. Therefore, natural natural milk is very easily digested and engrossed by the aging body the newborn is fullness of human milk protein intake reaches 98-99%. Neither synthetic mix is not digested by a aging body kid with a like completeness. This is primarily due to a presence of the protein of cow's natural milk, the curd is formed in the stomach of the newborn great, coarse flakes. With such a delicate protein load a aging body will cope quite easily. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. 95. Dad should be able to take leaving of a child

ChildHe should do that how good, like my mother. Currently, more and more men are involved in a care of infants. But while fathers often feel invited assistants rather than full participants. Moms are not ever willing to share with them a rightly to create decisions how a child to feed, clothe, put them to bed.A criterion of "rightly" paternity may yet be considered a man's ability to set special, soft, distinct with gerls's relationships with their infants. It's great when daddy is changing diapers and feeding newborn with a spoon. But if science and care about him remained a mystery, that is no cause to consider it "improperly".   Child. Читать полностью -->

Child. 1 Do prophylaxis?

NewbornIf someone got sick at home or you are with a baby in a public put, it is perfect to be safe. Drip into a child's nose interferon-based medicine or saline. You possess started a cold-blooded? When breastfed baby gets protective antibodies from the mum. And yet, strive a some days when communicating with a child to use a gauze bandage. And, of course, treat your illness!  Similar posts:Upkeep of a child. Sleep newborn. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a newborn. Causes and symptoms of rickets in infants

ChildThe most common classic D-deficient rickets with emerging how a effect of the violation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. The issue starts at the age of TWO-3 months, specifically in children weakened, prematurity, artificially fed. Due to a lack of vitamin D in a gut malabsorption of calcium and its deposition in the bones. However a result - the thinning and softening of bone tissue deterioration of the nervous system and internal organs.Home and exacerbation occur, normally in late autumn, winter and early source. If you leave a 1st signs of rickets unattended for 5-6 months the baby will possess a detailed picture of a disease.The first signs of rickets in children:Replace a child's behavior: he becomes fearful, moody or lethargic.Sweating - sweat visible on a small facial skin upon feeding and newborn's head is sweating all a time, especially on a back of the head upon sleep, causing air is damp.Toddler worried about itching, he was constantly rubbing his head, causing the thin hair on a back of his head cut off.If during this period to hold the biochemical analysis of blood, may detect the reduced capacity of phosphorus increased phosphatase performance.  Newborn. Resembling Attention of a child.articles:Constipation after childbirthBabyChild attention. Читать полностью -->

Baby attention. Playground

ChildBut keep in mind the safety of a space it is indispensable not alone at home. To fun games on the court delivered a child and you only joy, To wishlist a following:However a rule, a infants claim a special area in a side of the court how that they may play away from overly efficient babies older.Unluckily, in the sandbox or at a site can often find items like broken glass, pieces of iron, trash or beer bottles. Hence a conclusion - pay note to where the children are playing, and do observe cleanliness in the playground.  Resembling articles:Newborn. Newborn JaundiceBabyNewborn upkeep. Fresh Natural milkNewbornMassage infantNewborn. . Читать полностью -->

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