Healthy additives

ChildSometimes a great idea to bathe a baby in a bath with sea salt. To do this, dissolve a sea sol in a saucepan, strain through some layers of cheesecloth and pour out earlier a dip in a tub. Sea salt decision, which will remind the crumbs of the hours spent in mom's tummy, very effective. Put a dip, drench the child with plain aqua to wash off a sea salt, if a solution was sufficiently concentrated.Great range for swimming and all kinds of herbal teas. If the newborn is restless, you can bathe him in a coniferous solution, if you enjoy problems with a skin - in a infusion or series of elecampane. It is not required to bathe a newborn in a compote of chamomile - it dries a skin, but to use it however one of a components is potential.In main, before experimenting with herbs, check with your physician - it will help you select a optimal composition.  Resembling articles:Care of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

Child maintenance. What are the items needed to juice for babies

ChildThings to extract for a newborn - this is a list you need to make long earlier I go to the hospital. For all a fuss associated with a birthday of the child, relatives of the newly-done mommy is unlikely to be running around shopping. In addition, specifying what kind of things require to be discharged for newborns, it is necessary to pick up To wishlist on seasonality. What does this mean?If the newborn demands to like his outside mom and dad in a coldness season, things to be discharged to a newborn in a winter can be insulated. Here's a list of what clothes to put a little council experts:Catsuit done of wool, plus a top overall for a street;Cap of wool or cotton packed;Changing body of wool;A set must necessarily be a soft winter hat;Wool pants swaddling;Plaid blanket (wool) and diaper liners (eg, stories).When choosing clothes for your newborn, pay striving to what substances produced or that kids's "envelope." All of these materials want allow a baby's facial skin to breathe and be natural. Of course, it is good to all a clothes, which included for a statement was absolutely safe for a baby. Читать полностью -->

Fresh food allergy

NewbornThe most common type of allergy - meal, that is intolerant of a products. Unfortunately, almost any product may provoke an allergic reaction.According to a ability to cause allergic foods are divided into 3 groups: high, medium and little risk. To list all a "dangerous" foods makes no sense at all of every newborn individually, including a possible reasons for a negative reaction. So, the chief council to moms and dads faced with a food allergy in a newborn, is this: Be wary of any item that your baby is trying for the first time!Mothers to infants with allergies demand to take into consideration the fact that apart from a normal allergies there are more than unpleasant its child - cross allergy. However, intolerance to cow's natural milk may cause allergies for sour cream, cheese, serum, the butter, beef, sausages, sausages. One of the most effective ways to treat allergies is regime.Mother grudnichka in case of intolerance to cow's milk proteins baby want comply nizkoallergennuyu a exceptional ration for a entire period of breast-feeding. Читать полностью -->

So is rickets

NewbornTypically, at a start of the disease infants become irritable, restless, and small sleep poorly. A classic symptom of rickets is severe sweating head of the child, particularly towards the end of feeding. Babies are pale enough, eating disorders can be both overweight and a lack of a raise.Muscle tone decreases, toddlers get to lag behind their peers in the physical (and later get to sit, stand, walk), and then in the psychomotor development. Skull of a baby is a big, big fontanelle expanded its soft edges; grow frontal and parietal bumps, causing the skull on top has a area form. How for a chest, so in addition to the above-described "edge beads" in a protracted rickets may replace its configuration - a sternum protrudes forward and laterally flattened chest, a lower ribs are given out.And deformed bones of a extremities, especially thicken wrist and ankle joints. From a loading, and occasionally influenced condensed muscles, legs become O-and X-shaped. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. FAQ for porridge for infants

ChildWheat, rye, millet, buckwheat, oats, rice, corn, buckwheat. What cereals are most good, and however to prepare one delicious and mouth-watering porridge for the children?Cereal products play an serious role in women's nutrition - they are a main sources of carbohydrates (mainly starch and dietary fibers), veg proteins, vitamin, about minerals. Cereal products supply about 30% of the energy required for prettily kids, about the size of 40% - for infants of preschool age and some 50% - for students (according to a Scientific Center for Babies's Lustiness).According to a contemporary concepts of "food pyramid" (Rec. WHO), more than 0.5 a weekly diet must be grains: cereals, fresh bread and pasta, cereal (muesli).In Russia porridge - one of a most well-known dishes. "Fresh cabbage broth and porridge - our food," - liked to repeat the wise grandmother. This saying we want not forget now: right-cooked porridge - one of a healthiest dishes which are equally right suited to both babies and adults. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. When, to whom and as much?

ChildFor drinking and cooking, you can apply a regular freshly boiled and filtered water with the tap or bottled water baby. Pediatricians are usually advised to use the purchased h2o, so it is safer for the baby's lustiness. The main reason to favor a use of bottled aqua - the minimum concentration of mineral salts.Buying baby water, do not forget that it is divided into 2 categories: drinking water, and to restore (designed to prepare child food with a very dry blend). Drinking water is not recommended that children under a age of 6 weeks and used for the production of infant formula, however its mineral composition is markedly variant in any indicators.From a 1-st days of life can give a newborn a how-called aqua for recovery - it is softer and is considered a dual-purpose aqua. If a newborn is sick, doctors recommend increasing fluid intake to 120-150 ml per 1 kg of mass. This "h2o" mode will speedily rid the body of all toxic substances, and, if necessary, to reduce the temperature of the aging body.Heavy drinking and more frequent feedings are especially needed sick babies grudnichkovye age. Читать полностью -->

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